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About Us.

Kurshid Khan
Yasmin Khan
Shezmin Khan
Nabil Khan


We are an intimate, chef-owned restaurant in Vancouver.

Open six days a week, Simba's offers African-fusion cuisine featuring the finest local and international


Having wife Yasmin, as the backbone and supporter, our chef and owner Kurshid Khan has prepared

only the finest African fusion cuisine for over ten years. Immigrating to Canada with a background in

civil engineering, Khan faced the dilemma many immigrants from developing countries face, his

credentials from Kenya were not recognized in Canada. Khan however did not let this deter him.

He pursued studies in his culinary hobby.

Today Khan is a successful and celebrated chef having received numerous awards for his outstanding

cuisine, service and philanthropic efforts. Khan attributes the success of his restaurants to the support

he receives from his family. His wife, Yasmin Khan, who stood by him right from the time he wanted

to open a restaurant, quit her full time job with the Immigrant Services Society of BC in 2005 to become

the manager of the Burnaby location in order for Khan to open his second location in Vancouver.

Shezmin and Nabil, Khan's two children are often seen at either locations assisting their parents.

Shezmin can also be spotted every Sunday night providing live entertainment at the Vancouver location.

Restaurant critic for the Vancouver Sun, Mark Laba, comments about Simba's "Huge portions, fiery spicing

makes for an East African feast" We say it's cozy and relaxed. While nobody at Simba's is going to rush you,

or over explain the menu, getting advice when selecting from our wine list or finding out which dessert is our

favorite is just the kind of information our friendly and informed staff are there to help you with.

We look forward to seeing you sometime soon.


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